Skatepark Builder Information

UK skatepark suppliers can apply to be included in the UK Skatepark Builder Directory. Please read the following information and contact us to arrange your listing.

Standard Listing

Every UK skatepark builder that has completed a public project in the UK may apply for a free standard listing. Your business name, logo and the number of skatepark projects in your portfolio will be displayed in the builder directory, linking to a profile page containing an archive and map of your skateparks. Your business name and logo will also appear in the corresponding skatepark pages within our UK Skatepark Directory, linking back to your profile page.

Cost: FREE

Featured Listing

Your business name, logo and the number of skatepark projects in your portfolio will appear in a separate section at the top of the builder directory with additional information including:

  • Short description (up to 200 characters)
  • Up to 5 tags highlighting your key service areas (such as design, construction, concrete, pre-fab etc)
  • Website link

You may also present the following optional information on your profile page:

  • Long description (up to 1000 characters)
  • Up to 5 tags highlighting your key service areas (such as design, construction, concrete, pre-fab etc)
  • Website link
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Physical Address
  • Showcase video
  • Social media links
  • Feature your top 6 projects

Cost: £180 + VAT per year + one-time £50 + VAT set-up fee

Please contact us to arrange your listing.

Any business that designs, consults, builds or supplies public skateparks in the UK. You must have supplied at least one permanent public facility in the UK to qualify.

The Skateparks Project maintains a directory of public skateparks. We classify public skateparks as officially designated skateable spaces open to the general public, and may therefore include privately owned and operated facilities. We will not include any skateparks that are not open to the general public. If your business has only built private skateparks, such as private backyard bowls, you cannot be included in the builder directory. We require your company to have completed a minimum of one public skatepark project for inclusion in the directory.

Generally no. Unless you won the tender or were otherwise contracted to build the skatepark directly by the owner, subcontractors and collaborators are generally not included in the directory. If the project was split into separate tenders, such as a design phase and build phase, then a skatepark can be attributed to multiple suppliers. For example, a skatepark may be extended by another supplier at a later date.

Unless you have otherwise provided us with information about your company, and therefore granted us permission to publish it, the information we provide on our website is already in the public domain. We will happily amend any incorrect information. We will always consider reasonable requests for information removal and will comply fully with GDPR and data protection legislation. However, we reserve the right to publish any correct information that is already in the public domain and may lawfully reject any unreasonable requests for removal. If your company is no longer trading we will add it to the 'no longer trading' section and remove any contact information.

Featured listings are subject to a 12-months contract. If you decide not to renew, your listing will be downgraded when your contract ends. You may request that your listing is downgraded before your contact ends, but you will not receive any refund. In the event that you cease trading, we will downgrade your listing without refund.

We maintain a skatepark graveyard detailing the UK's skateparks that have closed down. If you have supplied a skatepark that is now in the skatepark graveyard you will still be eligible for inclusion in the builder directory. However, if a skatepark has been replaced by another supplier, it will not appear in the graveyard and therefore you will not be eligible to be included in the builder directory unless you have other eligible parks in your portfolio. In the case of a skatepark redevelopment, your business may still be mentioned in the description of the skatepark listing.